• An exhilarating fusion of spices awaits you

  • An exhilarating fusion of spices awaits you

  • An exhilarating fusion of spices awaits you

€ 4.50


Thick traditional hearty vegetarian tomato soup with lentils, chickpeas corriander and spices
€ 4.50

Moroccan Salad

Light salad with lettuce, tomato, chargrilled pepper & onions tossed in olive oil and tangy Moroccan vinegar

Mussels in Sharmoula

Mussels stir fried in Moroccan Spices .
€ 6.50

Danjal (with pitta bread)

A tasty blend of lightly fried aubergine flavoured with Moroccan vinegar, parsley, olive oil and cumin
€ 7.50

Choice of Sardines

a) Fresh grilled sardines served with cumin and seasoning.
b) Fresh Sardines marinated in spices, lightely fried in olive oil & splashed with lemon.
€ 5.50


Fresh leaf spinach reduced in a coriander, Harissa, garlic & lemon base.


Lightely fried prawns tossed in spices & olive oil .
€ 4.50


Lentils in a tasty sauce flavoured with traditional spices
€ 7.50


Sausage Moroccan style hot and spicy served on a rich tangy tomato base
€ 7.50


€ 70.00

Mezza For Two

Two starters and two main courses, a bottle of house wine and two desserts €4.00 extra for Lamb
€ 30.00 pp

Mezza For Parties

An exciting variety of starters for sharing, a choice of any main course , a half bottle of house wine per person and traditional Moroccan sweets to share for dessert



€ 1.00

Pitta Bread

€ 2.00

Side Salad

€ 2.00

Dish of olive

€ 2.50


€ 3.00

Mix Vegetables


€ 8.50


Envelope of pastry stuffed with spiced chopped dates and almonds. Served hot with ice cream and a honey topping
€ 7.00

Moroccan Sweet

A home made finger mini sweets similar to baklawa with Almonds date dipped into syrup with orange flower water
€ 8.50

Biriwat Roz

Filo pastry sttuffed with rice and sultanas. Served hot with ice cream and a honey topping.

Cheese Cake

Deliciously light & creamy
€ 6.50

Ice Cream

A mix of flavors to enjoy
€ 3.50

Moroccan Coffee

Traditionally brewed with five spices – ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon and Sweetened

Moroccan Mint Tea

Glass € 2.00
Pot for two € 4.50
Large Pot € 10.00
€ 4.50

Moroccan Coffee & Brandy


Chocolate Cake

You know you want to!
€ 3.50


€ 2.00




€ 6.50

Fresh Fruit Salad

Served with cream or ice cream,
€ 3.50

Bahia Latte

Latte made with Moroccan Coffee


€ 15.00

Assilah Tajine

Succullent chicken breast flavoured with fresh leaf parsley, saffron, ginger & cumin served with vegetables of the day.
€ 17.50

Marrakech Tajine

Lamb moistly cooked with a selection of fresh vegetables flavoured with fresh leaf parsley ,ginger , cumin and saffron
€ 14.00

Essaouira Tajine

Essaouirra style : tender chicken breast , moroccan olives , and potato , simmered in a saffron & preserved lemon jus .
€ 16.50

Elham Bi Tmar

Marinated tender lamb cooked to perfection in a date and fig sauce.
€ 15.50

Bagri Sragna

Mouth-watering Irish beef and a selection of fresh vegetables cooked in a spicy tomato sauce.
€ 14.95


Braised cow’s tongue flavoured with harissa , fresh leaf parsley , coriander and ginger accompanied by sweet cinnamon sultana and chick peas. Served with couscous
€ 16.50

Elham Batata

Succulent lamb gently cooked in saffron, garlic & olive oil accompanied by potato and peas with a hint of preserved lemon.
€ 15.50

Casablanca Knia

Fillet of rabbit cooked and served Casablanca style in olive oil , garlic , saffron , carmelised onion , and sweet sultana.
€ 16.50

Elham Barqoq

A popular dish in Morocco ,Lamb cooked with a hint of bay leave & ginger , in a tenderised prune and sweet cinnamon reduction.
€ 17.90

Fish Tajine

Catch of the day cooked the Moroccan way, marinated in sharmoula and sereved with vegetables in a spicy tomato sauce.


€ 14.00

Vegetarian Mix

Vegetarian choice of any two starters with a portion of bread.
€ 50.00

Mezza for 2 Persons

Any 6 starters served with couscous , bread and a bottle of house wine .
€ 14.50


Braised cow’s tongue tenderised in sweet-spicy cinnamon raisins,and chickpeas, touch of fiery harissa, fresh parsley, and ginger. Served with couscous
€ 14.00

Atlas Tajine

A selection of fresh vegetables slowely cooked to perfection in a rich tomato sauce
€ 14.00

Vegetarian Couscous

A selection of fresh vegetables traditionally flavoured and served on a bed of couscous.


€ 25.00

El Bahia Couscous

A gently cooked chicken breast, lamb and mergues dish served with vegetables in a spicy parfume couscous.
€ 15.00

Tangier Couscous

Mouth-watering chicken breast cooked with a sweet sultana, caramelised onion and chick peas.
€ 17.90

Berber Couscous

- Tender lamb cooked in traditional spices with fresh vegetables of the day. ~ € 17.90 - Succulent chicken breast flavoured with spices with fresh vegetables of the day. ~ € 16.50
€ 17.90

Bi Zbib Couscous

Tender cooked lamb in a sweet sauce with sultana , carmelisd onion and chic peas .


€ 20.00

Chicken Bastilla

An elaborate sweet & savoury Moroccan speciality of chicken and almonds with saffron sauce in a filo pastry , baked until crisp and finished with a sugar & cinnamon coating.
€ 20.00

Mhancha Bastilla

A bastilla of fillet of rabbit in a delicious mix of sultanas and almonds with saffron sauce in a roulade of filo pastry , baked until crisp finished with a honey coasting .